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Military Police contains information about military police functions in maneuver and mobility support, area security, law and order, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence operations.

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Doctrine Update Doctrine Update U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Capabilities Development Integration Directorate Concepts, Organization, and Doctrine Development Division Publication Number Date Description Current Publications FM 3-39 Military Police Operations 26 Aug 13 This manual describes the military police support provided to Army forces conducting unifed land operations within the framework of joint operations; increases the emphasis on simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability tasks; and contains a critical discussion of the defense support of civil authorities. Status: Current. FM 3-39.40 (will be FM 3-63) Internment and Resettlement Operations 12 Feb 10 A manual that describes the doctrinal foundation, principles, and processes that military police and other elements employ when dealing with internment/resettlement (I/R) populations. Status: Under revision; projected for publication 2d quarter, Fiscal Year (FY) 2014. FM 3-37.2 (will be ATP 3-37.2) Antiterrorism 18 Feb 11 A manual that establishes Army guidance on integrating and synchronizing antiterrorism across the full spectrum of con- fict and into the full range of military operations. It shows how antiterrorism operations nest under full spectrum operations, the protection warfghting function, and the composite risk management process. Status: Under revision; projected for publication 3d quarter, FY 14. ATTP 3-39.10 (will be ATP 3-39.10) Law and Order Operations 20 Jun 11 A manual that addresses each element of the military police law and order mission, including planning considerations, police station operations, patrol operations, police engage- ment, traffc operations, and host nation police capability and capacity. Status: Under revision; projected for publication 1st quarter, FY 15. ATP 3-39.11 Military Police Special-Reaction Teams 26 Nov 13 A manual that serves as a guide for commanders, staffs, and trainers who are responsible for training and deploying military police special-reaction teams. Status: Current. ATP 3-39.12 Law Enforcement Investigations 19 Aug 13 A manual that serves as a guide and toolkit for military police, investigators, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) (commonly known as CID) special agents, traffc management and collision investigators, and military police Soldiers conducting criminal and traffc law enforcement (LE) and LE investigations. It also serves to educate military police commanders and staffs on LE investigation capabilities, enabling a more thorough understanding of those capabilities. Status: Current. ATTP 3-39.20 (will be ATP 3-39.20) Police Intelligence Operations 29 Jul 10 A manual that addresses police intelligence operations which support the operations process and protection activities by providing exceptional police information and intelligence to support, enhance, and contribute to situational understanding, force protection, the commander's protection program, and homeland security. Status: Under revision; projected for publication 4th quarter, FY 15. 50 MILITARY POLICE . 19-14-1 Doctrine Update.1.indd 52 3/21/2014 12:46:35 PM

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