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Military Police contains information about military police functions in maneuver and mobility support, area security, law and order, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence operations.

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1 THE PROFESSIONAL BULLETIN OF THE MILITARY POLICE CORPS Spring 2016 PB 19-16-1 Headquarters, Department of the Army 2 Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School 3 Regimental Command Sergeant Major 4 Regimental Chief Warrant Offcer 4 Center for Army Lessons Learned Seeks Volunteers 5 Leadership Philosophy By Captain Megan E. Evans, Second Lieutenant Sherman B. Pruitt, and Sergeant First Class Richard L. Saucier 6 Practical Application of Mission Command: Operation Air Max By Captain Danelle R. Gamble 9 The 89th Military Police Brigade Establishes Habitual Relationships By Major Early Howard, Jr. 11 Training in Today's Environment: A Pacifc Perception By Captain Danielle A.Champagne 13 Multinational Coalition Task Force Detention Operations By Captain Osvaldo R. Santiago 17 Phoenix Battalion Revolutionizes Training by Integrating the Entire Team By Captain Michael C. Howard 19 91st Military Police Battalion Supports Joint Exercise Sentinel Warrior By Lieutenant Colonel Aaron M. Poulin 21 Standardizing Military Police Unit Level Police Training and Certifcations By Lieutenant Colonel Jon P. Myers, Chief Bobby S. Lungrin, First Lieutenant Joshua J. Larson, and Sergeant First Class Jason R. Wilburn 25 Platoon 21-Day Green Cycles By Lieutenant Colonel Jon P. Myers, Major Chris B. Treuting, and First Lieutenant Joshua J. Larson 29 The Post-9/11 Evolution of the USBP By Lieutenant Colonel Matthew A. Mertz 31 Developing Adaptive Military Police Leaders Through Joint Duty Assignments By Major Scott R. Blanchard 34 Expanding Horizons: Detention Operations as Green Cycle Training By Second Lieutenant Molly V. Buis 37 94th Military Police Battalion "Polar Bears" Stand Ready to Fight Tonight By Captain Roger J. Foley and Second Lieutenant Erin K. Flickinger 39 Forming Partnerships: 511th Military Police Company Involvement in Operation Fused Response By First Lieutenant Tristan D. Shaw 41 Challenges Facing Today's Provost Marshals By Captain Michael J. Robey 43 The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same By Captain Andrew B. Ginther 45 Leaders Learn About the Importance of Mission Command During a Staff Ride By Staff Sergeant Ryan L. Hohman 47 FLETC TWI and International Engagement on ISIL By Major Christopher J. Rivers 49 Lessons Learned During ODT Rotations By First Lieutenant John A. Perdigao 51 The Heart of MWD Pitt (L567) By Sergeant Jajuan X. Burton 52 Military Police Trends During Decisive-Action Training at the Joint Readiness Training Center By Captain Clinton G. Davis and Captain Stephen J. Caraluzzi 57 Multinational Force Interoperability in Action During Operation Cavalry Ride By First Lieutenant Hannah M. Miller 60 Fort Bliss Kennel Ceremony By Sergeant Jajuan X. Burton 61 Operation Dragoon Ride Readies a Relevant Force By Major Ranjini T. Danaraj, First Lieutenant Leigh M. Hackbert, and First Lieutenant Hannah M. Miller 64 Integrating and Synchronizing Antiterrorism Physical Security Measures By Mr. Michael J. Owczarzak and Colonel Richard S. Vanderlinden (Retired) 67 Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 5th Military Police Battalion—Lineage and Honors 68 Round Mountain Detention and Rehabilitation Center By Master Sergeant Patrick V. Garland (Retired) and Mr. Mark S. Lindsay 70 Brigade/Battalion Commands 72 Doctrine Update

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